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All of us here at Bob’s Club love working here and like to make this an exciting, safe, and fun place to be for all walks of life at all times. Come see one, some, or all of us, you are guaranteed to have a good time. Thank you for making Bob’s a part of your lives.   
Allan “Veto”  
Allan "Veto"

Veto “The Manager”

Birthday 3/28

Specialty Drink:

Veto is THE BOSS! He is all about the customer, napkin for your drink, garnishes, anything to make your drink that much more special. Veto has been at Bobs for nineteen years and has really made Bobs Club a safe and clean place to have fun. His motto is “keep it simple”.


Eric “The Family Guy”

Birthday 12/19

Specialty Drink; Umm…….jager

Eric is our most experienced bartender with thirteen years under his belt. The three best years has been here at Bobs. He just recently added a new member to his family a little boy and has another one on the way. He loves meeting new people and personally takes it upon himself to make sure you feel welcome to Bobs by introducing you to the regulars in hopes that you will become one as well!!!

“He’s consistent, witty, smart, and funny.”-Sheila



Specialty Drink: Bloody Mary

April gets the bar looking amazing everyday she works, and brings a friendly and positive vibe when she’s here. We all love that she is the newest girl on the eam. 



Birthday 5/15

Specialty Drink: A “Pucker Up”

She’s the SPUNKY ONE!! Erin is spunky girl, single and loving it. She genuinely loves people and will always make you feel a part of the Bobs Club family. Erin has a Million stories to tell and a great ear for listening, she loves new people because to her that means new friends.
“Erin always makes my time worthwhile. She makes my drinks on time, talks to me-she’s not fake. She’s my friend. I love Erin!” -Jewel



Although Jessica has recently found full time employment and isn’t able to work regular shifts at the bar we love that she is still in the Bob’s Club family. She does maintenance and most of the party and event decorating. We love having her around.


krystalKristal “Miss Elk Grove”

Birthday 5/24

Specialty Drink: Ciroc Redberry and Cranberry.

Kristal is great, she has been working hard on weekend nights for a while now and she knows how to keep the drinks flowing. She works hard to make sure everyone has a great time on those busy nights. 



Specialty drink: Russian Apples.

Brian is a great guy to keep the morning crowd in good conversation, and also makes the bar clean look great to start ‘em off. He’s got a great laugh and many jokes to make you laugh too.



Specialty drink: The Yummy!.

Our youngest new addition to the family “lil Jess” is quirky and fun. She’s been with us for a little over a year now and she brings a sparkling energy to the bar. You have got to try the killer fruity drink she makes called the yummy.



Duke, is back in action keeping the bar safe, by working the front door checking I.D.’s and happy on the busy weekend nights. His happy demeanor and ability to be friends with many different people makes him a big asset to Bob’s. Everyone feels so safe when he’s around and plus we just love him.




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